11 June 2018 - 1:46 pm

My Year as an Enterprise Intern

I had an assignment due in two days so I decided to procrastinate, I ended up on Career Connect and saw that USE (the yellow building next to the diamond) was looking for enterprise interns and the deadline was in two days. I bookmarked it but my assignment was more important. I was then blessed with an email saying that my assignment’s deadline had been extended and so I used the time to update my CV and write my personal statement to be sent to Liz. It was one of my best decisions.


This was taken on my first day at work – I was extremely excited and headed to the pantry to make myself coffee in the USE mug.

For the past year, I’ve worked on and supported projects such as the Skills Exhibition, How to Start a Venture session, Pitch Club and Pitch Your Way to £1k. Other opportunities also opened up to me because of this role such as being an ambassador for a summer school and meeting amazing entrepreneurs.


I would work about 8 hours per week, spending most of my time working on the Skills Exhibition and How to Start a Venture Session. The project initially started as a student marketplace but it changed as it went through the development stage. Having had organised events in the past, I thought that this would be all the same – I expected to learn new things but at the same time, I thought that it would all be very familiar to me. I was wrong.

I was excited about the wall whiteboard at USE so I used it to brainstorm!

Previously, I always had one particular role or when I was a director of a project, I managed everyone but there was never a time when I had to come up with the itinerary, write emails, design posters, meet people and print out sign posts by myself. It was difficult, challenging and scary most of the time but I had the best support from the people at USE especially Liz, Alison and Ali. Everyone would always go out of their way to help out when I needed help. In a sense, everyone at USE acted as my team mates.


On some days, I would be involved in Pitch Club and Pitch Your Way to £1k where I would set up, tell people about it, listen to pitches and select the best idea of the night. Read about my experience here. Other than that, I had the best two weeks at the end of winter where I supported Transforming Society summer school sessions and had­snow ball fights with intelligent students from Singapore. It was an amazing experience especially seeing how a group of people became the best of friends by the end of programme.


Working at USE has made me gain invaluable experience. But it’s not just that. It has made me realise what kind of working environment I would want to work in and the kind of colleague that I would like to be in the future. This being my first job had definitely set the standards up high as everyone here is very inspiring and supportive of each other’s development. If I ever decide to start a venture, then this is the kind of company culture that I would like to embed into it.

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