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22 September 2015 - 2:47 pm An Ex-Fresher’s Guide to Enterprise

Hello everyone! So, it’s my last week in the USE office. Sad times! My projects are being finished off, my endless sheets of paper are being organised and I’ve eaten a few too many of the homemade brownies I’d supposedly bought in for everyone else!

I can’t quite believe that nine weeks of work are coming to an end. Where has the time gone?! With only a few hours until I say goodbye to the Enterprise Zone until September, my mind is filled with thoughts of Intro Week; the bright-eyed freshers moving into Endcliffe, the long-awaited return of Pop Tarts (oh how I’ve missed you) and the rather daunting start of my third and final year. Help!

The infamous Corp

The infamous Corp

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30 July 2015 - 12:13 pm Maximus Decimus Meridius’ 5 Steps to Success

Welcome, readers, to my first ever blog post! I hope it isn’t completely awful. I must warn you, though – it is a little strange.

For anyone who has ever watched Gladiator (if you haven’t, please go and watch it right now!), you’re probably wondering why the heck its main character is the subject of my enterprise-related blog? Of course you are! But, before you dismiss me for being completely bonkers, let me explain: Continue reading “Maximus Decimus Meridius’ 5 Steps to Success” »

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    Hello! I’m Beth, an International Relations and Politics student about to enter my final year (wahhh!) and one of two interns working with USE this summer. A self-confessed novice in all things enterprising, it was my growing interest in social enterprise and international development that led me to apply for the internship - what better place to learn about enterprise than the Enterprise Zone! So far, I’ve had a great time working with all the lovely people here at USE, and organising two very exciting projects for the coming year! When I’m not at USE you can find me enjoying the summer evenings at my local pub, in the gym or at home eating pizza. I promise I’m more productive in term-time! I hope you enjoy my blog posts!