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9 September 2014 - 12:00 pm We did it!

The morning after the night before…

…or, more precisely, the week after the week before – in which, as some of the USE Team travelled up for three days of enterprise education best practice sharing, discussion and networking (and a bit of dancing) in Newcastle, we were also crossing fingers (crossing everything, in fact) in the hope of the University of Sheffield Enterprise Academy (USEA) bringing a National Enterprise Educator Award (NEEA) home to the Steel City. Continue reading “We did it!” »

1 September 2014 - 12:07 pm Fingers crossed!

This week is a very exciting one for us here at USE as later in the week, a lot of us will be off to the event of the year (well, if you are an enterprise educator it is) – the International Entrepreneurship Educators (IEEC) Conference.

You might remember that last year, we hosted IEEC right here in Sheffield. That was a truly amazing experience for all of us here, but we are looking forward to relaxing a little more this year and not running round like headless chickens! We are off to the bright lights of Newcastle – a city I certainly don’t know that well, so I’m looking forward to seeing the sights.

Continue reading “Fingers crossed!” »

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    Ali Riley

    I am one of the three Enterprise Learning Development Officers here at USE, and I work directly with the Faculties of Science and Social Sciences. My background is actually in archaeology - random I know - but I have always had a bit of a side-interest in how people learn, and now this has led me to this very rewarding role! I'm still to be found in muddy holes at weekends though... I'll be blogging about Enterprise Education, including news, events, success stories, and my experiences of working with academics to offer a great learning experience to students.

    Anna Nibbs

    Howdy! I'm Anna, an Enterprise Education Developer, HEA Fellow, member of the National Enterprise Education Award-winning USE Academy team, and the first point-of-contact for academics in the Faculties of Arts & Humanities and Medicine, Dentistry & Health. I also teach on USE's "Making Ideas Happen" module. I'm passionate about learning and teaching, and empowering lecturers - and students - to be as enterprising as they can possibly be. Outside of work, I like to exercise, write, grow fruit and veg, drink tea and spend time with my children reading books, doing crafts and exploring. If you're an academic and you want to know more about embedding enterprise into your curriculum, visit our Enterprise Education website at:
    Chrissie Elliott

    Chrissie Elliott

    The colour orange rocks my world, which is handy here at USE. But other than loving the decor, I also have a bit of experience in enterprise, which explains why I've found my home here. I've previously co-founded and run a social enterprise, (Community Interest Company, or ‘CIC’ for short) which intersected my interests of landscape/architecture, social enterprise, creative practice, and action research. After this ended, I did what any good enterprising person would, and looked where my experience could take me next. Which is here in my current role, carrying out research to support our brilliant USE team. I'm also known to turn my hand to the odd design charrette, as well as deliver workshops in user experience, landscape construction and community engagement, amongst others topics. I have broad interests, which keeps me happy, and I intend to keep it that way! :-)