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1 December 2014 - 10:09 am Paid placement: Enterprise Learning Resource Officer

Are you enterprising and creative, with good communication Skills?
We’re recruiting for an Enterprise Learning Resource Officer. This will be a 100 hours paid flexible placement over the year, and you’ll get the opportunity to complete a Skills for Work Certificate.

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15 November 2014 - 11:43 am What can you do to make your ideas happen?

I’m now into my second month of working at USE and, feeling reassured from previous first-posts on this blog that everyone finds them just a tiny bit awkward, I’ve decided I can put it off no longer.

So, hello there, dear readers! I’m Gary, the newest recruit to the USE team. I’m delighted to be here, for three reasons. First, because my new job means I can continue working with Sheffield’s brilliant students and staff (I was a university teacher in the School of English, previously). Second, because after two celebratory dinners, six free lunches, and a work trip to Beijing, I reckon I chose a pretty good time to join USE! And third, my new job is awesome: I actually get paid to be enterprising, innovative and creative (whilst attending the dinners and working with you: our brilliant students and colleagues)! Continue reading “What can you do to make your ideas happen?” »

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    Gary Wood

    Gary Wood

    I am one of three Enterprise Learning Development Officers within USE, working with the Faculty of Engineering, and our International Faculty in Thessaloniki. I am interested in language and how people communicate, as well as learning and development. I previously worked as a University Teacher in Linguistics (the scientific study of language), and investigated how young children learn to speak. With experience of designing and delivering enterprise education from primary school to university level, I enjoy developing innovative learning and teaching experiences for students, and am particularly interested in using technology to enhance and provide enterprising learning opportunities.