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24 September 2015 - 2:41 pm EVERY END A NEW BEGINNING!

As the title implies something is coming to an end but I hope this is only the start of an exciting journey! Continue reading “EVERY END A NEW BEGINNING!” »

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16 September 2015 - 9:13 am IMPORTANT NOTICE!

Let’s imagine you have completed all the steps to starting up your own business; you’ve got really cool partners, a funding on the way and you think your company’s name simply rocks. You are ready to conquer the world! Are you? Continue reading “IMPORTANT NOTICE!” »

25 August 2015 - 2:44 pm The desire to create profit…

“Life is an act of consumption. To live is to consume. And the human beings on your planet are merely resource waiting to be converted into capital. And this entire enterprise is just a small part in a vast and beautiful machine defined by evolution, desire to a simple purpose… to create profit.” (Balem Abrasax, Jupiter Ascending)


Continue reading “The desire to create profit…” »

19 August 2015 - 1:48 pm Brand names or should we say brand gags?

Ever wondered why your product doesn’t sell abroad or why people in some countries laugh every time you mention it? Continue reading “Brand names or should we say brand gags?” »

4 August 2015 - 12:13 pm Business networking: Know-hows of the past and the present.

Among the various enterprising skills a successful businessman has to build, communication and thus a very good network is one of the most fundamental.

At least that’s what I understand in my very limited knowledge on business. Now, you might wonder: why write about networking and communication skills on the first blog ever?! This story is quite strange even to me! Continue reading “Business networking: Know-hows of the past and the present.” »

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    Hey everyone! My name is Maria and I am from Greece. I am currently studying English Language and Linguistics in the International Faculty of the University of Sheffield in Thessaloniki and I am also a student in drama school in the University of Aristotle. I love teaching, travelling,eating and making my dreams come true. I like exploring different subjects intellectually and professionally and this is one of the reasons I've applied for an internship in the USE. I've never expected to get involved with enterprise but that's the magic of life after all! You never know what's next! Working at the USE is definitely an experience worth living!