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28 February 2017 - 12:46 pm From Engineer to Entrepreneur Pt 1

2 years ago I was a budding chemical engineering student who thought that ‘I’ll just sell it’ was a perfectly valid business model and who had no idea how to code. So, I thought you might be interested to hear the story of how I progressed through one engineering academy and two Startup Weekends to emerge as the proud creator of a computer automation product. Continue reading “From Engineer to Entrepreneur Pt 1” »

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    Robin Hartley

    Robin Hartley

    Hi, my name is Robin, I’m a chemical engineer by discipline but at heart I’m an enthusiastic maker, dabbler in tech and hopefully one day I’ll also be a full-blown entrepreneur. I’ve had an exciting ride with University of Sheffield Enterprise, having taking part in two Startup Weekends and even winning one of them! I’ve been involved in a couple of startups such as OverHear who created the official app for Tramlines Festival 2015, and I’m now working towards crowdfunding my own tech product – The Amazing Shortcut Keypad. I’ve by no means done and seen it all, (I’m still figuring it out) but I aim to share my lessons and experiences along the way in the hope that they will be useful. Please feel free to get in touch and apart from that, happy reading!