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12 May 2017 - 3:38 pm Leadership Development Day: Helping Doctoral Students to unleash their enterprising potential!

Although having a PhD degree can boost the chances for a future career, a truly insightful researcher acknowledges the tremendous importance of possessing transferable skills and qualities in order to secure a job and find success. One of the most valuable traits to make researchers stand out to employers is having what it takes to be a great leader in their area. It may surprise you to know that most postgraduate students already develop many of the skills that makes such a leader while doing their research. Most, however, either underestimate their abilities, lack the self-confidence, or simply fail to acknowledge their strengths when attempting to promote their work to others. That is why we felt the need to create the Leadership Development Day Program, a full-day of workshops for doctoral students from across all faculties.

The first leadership development event was held in November last year, with support and funding from the University of Sheffield Enterprise (USE) and Think Ahead. It aimed to focus on developing skills outside of the research subject. It was planned initially as a one-time event, however, the strong response of postgraduates to the program, and the demand from for more similar events have shown the need to expand on it. This led to the delivery of the second Leadership Development Day in March this year, which included more talks and activities, supported by USE and the Doctoral Academy, with 50 students registered to attend. Continue reading “Leadership Development Day: Helping Doctoral Students to unleash their enterprising potential!” »

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    Tareq Omairi

    I am a final year PhD student in Molecular Biology, on a quest of searching for life in high places (the stratosphere!). I also have a strong passion for supporting the development of academic abilities, professional learning, and leadership skills for doctoral students, through collaborating with USE for developing such opportunities.