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King of the Coals is an informational website dedicated to outdoor cooking and barbecuing. Our aim is to become an ultimate resource where people can find the most reliable and easy to understand guides, reviews, tips, recipes and more

We’re a hearing protection campaign which does things a little bit differently. We write, we dance and we protect them ears. From Sheffield to the world…

Airstoc is the world’s first dedicated marketplace for the professional drone industry.

Affordable Community Massage is a socially minded enterprise using ‘pop up’ clinics at community and public venues to provide easy access to quality, affordable therapeutic massage treatments for all.


Idemandu is an AI agent that learns and adapts to client’s needs over time.

The idemandu algorithm is designed based on how trusted relationships are being formed between experts and clients for thousands of years in real world.

Our mission is to optimize the process of building relationships between experts and clients; making it faster, better and easier.

How we stand out from the crowd

By creatively styling subtitles to your brand, we add a new layer of artistic interpretation for your viewers to unravel and enjoy, making your online content memorable and providing your consumers with a new and improved visual experience.

Student Teaching trains and hires University music students to give quality, affordable instrumental lessons to schoolchildren around Sheffield.

The Income Support Fund offers a discounted price to families below the poverty line, offering
one-to-one lessons for a third of the national average for private music tuition.

My role includes overseeing all short-term operations and long-term business strategy, training and managing a team of Student Teachers, marketing and financial plans, graphic and web design, co-writing the syllabus, pitching to and liaising with the department heads at schools, and teaching one-to-one, classroom and workshop sessions. I hope to expand this project across Sheffield, and to integrate our organisation with the Music Hub and the University of Sheffield to become an integral constituent of the National Plan for Music Education in England.

On demand crowdsourcing as efficient and ethical as it gets. Find the right respondents fast via Prolific.

Want a faster iteration between developing theory and executing studies? With Prolific Academic you post your online studies easily, and collect responses from around the world.

Running low on cash? Participate in scientific research to earn cash rewards. With Prolific Academic you take part in online studies, choose your own work hours & work place, and get rewarded for good work.

Integral Engineering (RAMS) Ltd is an engineering venture aimed at clients ready to take their RAMS performance to the next level. Integra, founded by former Bombardier Engineer Joanne Lewis, is about providing clients with the ability to improve their system performance through smart and efficient RAMS methods and practises. With the ability to problem solve and develop bespoke solutions, Joanne supports her clients to make the changes necessary to grow system performance and meet their business requirements and demands. Built on a foundation of core values including integrity, respect, teamwork, growth and improvement, Integra’s focus is on commitment to providing every client with the ability to achieve the best possible solution.

Services include but are not limited to: RAMS strategy development, RAMS management, FRACAS, FME(C)A, HAZOP/HAZID, hazard log development and management, safety case preparation, accident/incident investigation, safety risk assessment, analysis of system health and improvement, RAMS process improvement, data analysis.

What if children learnt for understanding and not just for recall and testing?
What if children learnt about maths by designing rockets and learnt about science by building solutions to the world’s problems?
We set out to reimagine what learning maths and science could look like…
We designed a primary level Science curriculum that teaches children through making, discovery and personal projects and a Maths curriculum that is based entirely around designing a rocket.

Enactus is described as a ‘community of student, academic and business leaders committed to using the power of entrepreneurial action to transform lives and shape a better more sustainable world,’ and this is easy to see in the awesome work Enactus Sheffield does both locally and around the globe.

We deliver seasonally curated artisan loose leaf tea boxes every month to our customers, door to door.

Monthly, hand-packed box including 4 different seasonally curated tea tins (30 cups of tea’s worth), detailed information sheets, 30 empty tea bags.

Distinctive Media Solutions specialise in helping companies engage with their target audience through user engaging content. Whether on a local, regional, national or international level understanding your audience is the key to a successful campaign.

Discovery Project is a not-for-profit organisation delivering outstanding workshops, after-school clubs, school enrichment days and teacher training in Science, Technology, Engineering & Maths (STEM).

Technology permeates every aspect of our lives and is now essential for companies seeking sustained growth.
BusinessCloud aims to demystify tech for a business audience – covering everything from the Internet of Things and Big Data to AI and the UK’s digital clusters.
The business produces a quarterly magazine, nationwide programme of events, weekly newsletter and website.

Bright Box offers hands-on, experiential programmes throughout Sheffield. Providing creative science, technology, engineering and maths activities at markets and community centres is our first stop toward our broader vision of creating inclusive kids’ makerspaces focused on enabling today’s children to invent the future with creative imagination and confidence.

Vinco’s mission is to bring the fans of athletics comprehensive event coverage and all the latest headlines from the sport.

Vinco has become one of the premier dedicated track & field broadcasters in the United Kingdom and the current provider of British Athletics TV.

In 2014, Vinco has provided coverage of the various EAP meetings, BUCS Championships, England Athletics U20 & U23 Championships, BMC events and the Loughborough International our list of broadcasts across both the UK and Europe is continuously growing.

At Twin Café we want to do coffee differently. We set up direct trade links between twinned cities. We pay our farmers a fair price and then use our profits to fund amazing projects in our twinned cities.
Our coffee is grown in the famous Miraflor natural reserve in the Estelí region of Nicaragua. Famous for its biodiversity, with over 200 species of orchids alone, Miraflor is the perfect place to grow delicious coffee.

The small farmer’s co-operative UCA Miraflor have partnered with Twin Café, sharing our vision to bring their experience and knowledge of the art of coffee cultivation to Sheffield.

Our high quality Coffee has been grown by farmers with a passion for what they do and roasted by experts. Whether you drink your coffee in a cafetiere or from an espresso machine we can make the perfect roast for you.

Our online platform allows you to connect directly with talented and trusted tutors, removes the hassle of dealing in cash, whilst, we believe, providing outstanding customer service. We constantly strive to ensure that everyone can have access to a first class tutor: any subject, any age, we have the right tutor for you.
So, let us help you find your perfect tutor
Tutora was founded with the idea that there must be a better way for all, and that means tutors as well! Having worked as a tutor himself, Scott lead our team by collating the best resources out there, helping them to manage their diaries and offering first class training to ensure that they are the best tutors they can be.


Our mission is to support the improvement of health and well-being and to increase access to events.
We bring philanthropy to the forefront of the ticketing experience, allowing every attendee to engage in charitable giving whilst enjoying great events.

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