Lift the stones

Lift The Stones is Melise Jones and Mark Kelly. We are seasoned operational management professionals with a breadth of experience across start ups, multinational corporates and stock market listed companies. We live customer experience from pre sales to in life service. Growth, retention and customer advocacy are what make us tick.
Lift the Stones Ltd are customer-focused senior Service & Operations professionals committed to excellence in delivery through energy, passion, integrity & teamwork. We have the cross-functional skills & experience to work across organisations helping our customers win, develop and defend their customers.

We focus on improving the performance of all aspects that support your organisation’s structure, including organisation design, governance (across functions and departments), roles and responsibilities, and employee performance.

Typical activities relate either to the implementation of organisational strategies, such as workforce optimisation or the redesign of employee roles, or are prompted by an event or crisis situation, such as a merger or a transition as part of a broader corporate restructuring effort.

We unite businesses in focusing their organisations on customer-driven growth.

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