Mycorrhizal Systems Ltd

Mycorrhizal Systems Ltd. is a company founded on significant technological advances in the production of black truffles.

Having built the world’s largest truffle research network, we believe our technique is one of the most technologically advanced, thorough and scientific methods currently employed to cultivate truffles.

Mycorrhizal Systems has a global network of client-partner truffle plantations that comprise the world’s largest truffle research network. This diverse geographic presence includes, but is not limited to, Europe, North America, South Africa, Australia and New Zealand.

Our production technique used for partnership plantations has the following benefits: 100% DNA-identified inoculums (if requested), high inoculation levels, large substrate levels and reduced contamination. Twinned with thorough monitoring our technique should lead to greater yields and increased harvest reliability.

Dr Paul Thomas, the founder of Mycorrhizal Systems ltd, is a proud University of Sheffield Alumnus who graduated in 2004.

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