OverHear allows you to find gigs from artists you love. Plan the future. Live in the present. Remember the past.

Overhear was the official app for the Tramlines festival and included a full schedule showing when and where all the events are happening. A host of other features include a personalised timeline that fully integrates with Facebook, allowing you to look back over all the gigs and events you have attended, relive memories though the community photo archive and reconnect with all the new friends you made. A handy clashfinder function alerts you to any potential clashes between events and gigs, helping you to make those difficult decisions early.

Overhear is a dynamic real-time event search app that allows you to discover all the events in your city that are happening now and in the future. So not only will you never miss your favourite artists play, you will also discover the best events your city has to offer, every day, opening a world of new music to you.

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