Robinson Garden

Truly Bespoke garden products are at the heart of Robinson Garden’s heritage and future vision. In our workshop, the in-house carpenter represents the best of the carpentry profession, translating it into a personal service for our clients. A Bespoke item is built through a deep collaboration between client and master carpenter, resulting in a unique final product created for that individual. Every detail and decision is made to ensure a product of unparalleled quality.
Our story began in 2012 when we visited our local garden centre in search for an elegant Dovecote for our garden. To our disappointment we were unable to find a bespoke handmade and painted Dovecote with elaborate added touches. It was from there that Dominic and Nigel decided to handcraft one themselves.
Once completed it stood proudly in the front garden gathering a lot of interest within the neighbourhood. Since then we recognised a gap in the garden furniture market and the early stages of Robinson Garden were formed. Since then we have continued with our proud and strong family business values which is demonstrated throughout the full process of our unique handcrafted garden products.
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