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A ladies only group fitness movement in Sheffield. Held by Ryan Whitney.

Discovery Project is a not-for-profit organisation delivering outstanding workshops, after-school clubs, school enrichment days and teacher training in Science, Technology, Engineering & Maths (STEM).

Our Motivation
We aim to help people with disabilities express themselves through user-centered design. We believe that if somebody relies upon a product for their everyday life, it should be a joy to use.

Our Name
exyo, is short for express yourself, because our designs aim to empower the user, with the freedom to be themselves, when using the device they rely upon.

Our Story
We are 3 mechanical engineering graduates from The University of Sheffield who want to invest our skills in helping people.

We started out by helping 2 individuals called Louis and Callum, whom we had the opportunity to design medical devices for, during our time at university. This inspired us to set about addressing problems faced by people with disabilities around the world.

exyo is the birth of an opportunity: To have a real impact on the lives of others; by reaching out to improve physical circumstance and alleviate the stresses and stigmatization that arise through having to deal with cumbersome devices.

Born from our personal frustration, we realised clothing just didn’t keep up with the life of an athlete.
We knew our clothes could be better – more comfortable, more practical, and much better fitting. Jeans were always too wide in the waist and too tight in the thigh. As athletes, when we picked up the tempo, the risk of turning into the hulk and busting through our crotch became a genuine concern.

After ripping through 2 pairs in a month, our founder Tom packed in his corporate job and turned to making the ultimate clothes for athletes. We’ve partnered with one of the best denim manufacturers in the world, who share our obsession for quality.

They are relied upon by the best denim brands in the world for their high-quality, ethical production methods and mastery of their craft. We chose them so you can enjoy the same high quality denim in an Olympvs athletic fit.

By selling directly to you online, we’re able to cut out the retail mark up of other designer brands and offer our high-quality products at a price you can get behind.

Distinctive Media Solutions specialise in helping companies engage with their target audience through user engaging content. Whether on a local, regional, national or international level understanding your audience is the key to a successful campaign.

Hello, we are Rum & Raisin, a Sheffield web design and creative agency offering promotional and marketing resources for startups and local businesses. We make amazing websites, print cool business cards and take awesome photos.

We believe that by delivering an exceptionally high standard of product within an affordable budget will help build the right brand and pitch perfect for targeting your market and ultimately increasing leads and in turn sales.

Rum & Raisin specialises in the core elements needed by start-up and local businesses as they get the idea off the ground. This includes logo design, web design, website development, branding, printing, product photography and promotional video creation. Each service will be available individually or as part of the “start-up” packages. Check out our website to see our services.

Headquartered in London One User Experience was founded back in 2014 by Hercules Pekkas to be the leading digital marketing solutions and web design provider to businesses all around the globe.

Most of the Clients become evangelists of One User Experience because of 3 main reasons:

1) The Highest Quality of the service that is provided.

2) The Satisfaction Guarantee Policy that exists for all of our services. As our motto says “You’re completely satisfied with our service or it’s free” If at any time during the project you are not satisfied with the results you will keep everything that we have done for free!

3) The Fanatical Customer Service:
– A Customer Success Team has been formed with the best digital
marketers and web developers dedicated to exceeding your expectations
– In addition to this a Customer Success Area has been built and
over 80 training videos and dozens of articles from Website Security
to Digital Marketing were created, to ensure your success.
– Not only the above but a Dedicated Executive Manager will be assigned to you
so that you receive a personalized experience. He will manage your
project and be your primary point of contact throughout the process.
You will have all of his contact information and he and his team will
study everything about your business and your clients so that he can
offer you the highest personalized customer experience.

We deliver seasonally curated artisan loose leaf tea boxes every month to our customers, door to door.

Monthly, hand-packed box including 4 different seasonally curated tea tins (30 cups of tea’s worth), detailed information sheets, 30 empty tea bags.

Advanced Aerospace Assembly Ltd offer integrated solutions to complex assembly problems. Automation and semi-automation are areas of expertise as well a number of years experience in large volume metrology and reverse engineering.

Principally we provide:

Suppliers and integrators of Delta Sigma’s ProjectionWorks optical projection system – used to aid manual assembly by projecting work instructions onto the part whilst utilising intelligent tooling.

We also carry out:

Robotic consultancy, simulation and integration, focusing on low volume high accuracy systems.
Laser tracking, fixture alignment and part verification.
Reverse engineering of large structures to high accuracy
Automation, Optical Projection, Manufacturing, Robotics, Large Volume Metrology

Party For The People is a social enterprise that raises money for local charities and social projects through online ticket sales and collaborative events. We are the only not-for-profit ticket agency in the UK, experienced in ticket sales having sold over 100,000 tickets with events ranging from Farmfestival.

Enactus is described as a ‘community of student, academic and business leaders committed to using the power of entrepreneurial action to transform lives and shape a better more sustainable world,’ and this is easy to see in the awesome work Enactus Sheffield does both locally and around the globe.

AspiDeo works toward the creation of a code of collaboration framework (Aspis CC). Intended for regional farmers, communities and local organizations. To get them involved and earn a living based on our productiveness. This way we can move to other sectors in our Landscape and Environmental field.

Spring water infused with real fruit. Naturally very low sugars & less than 30 calories per bottle. No added sugar or sweeteners. Wahooo amigos!!

What if children learnt for understanding and not just for recall and testing?
What if children learnt about maths by designing rockets and learnt about science by building solutions to the world’s problems?
We set out to reimagine what learning maths and science could look like…
We designed a primary level Science curriculum that teaches children through making, discovery and personal projects and a Maths curriculum that is based entirely around designing a rocket.

ATA seafood is a UK based company, which is specialized in trade of sourcing and distributing frozen prawns and other seafood from around the world. We benefit from more than 20 years of family background in seafood business and international market, as an independent business providing great quality and value for money products across the world.

Our main areas of activity are import and wholesale distribution of farmed frozen prawns as well as variety of fish such as Lizard fish, Ribbon fish and Cephalopods such as Cuttlefish and Squids, and also Caviar.

We offer our seafood products with competitive price and then we take care of export and import to the UK and any other countries. We have a sustainable supply chain, and we provide to a wide range of customers, including wholesale, catering and retailers.

ATA seafood is most specialized in exporting of Vannamei Farmed prawns, which have been raised with best organic method in our farm without any added antibiotics and chemical prawn feed. We offer exporting of thousands of tonnes of seafood annually with guaranteed and fast delivery methods. Our packaging can differ 500 grams to 6kg blocks.

Pura Panela distributes panela in the UK and developing healthy products using panela (of course!). It is a 100% natural alternative to sugar with a great taste, fluffy texture and full of vitamins and minerals. Use in your coffee for a real Colombian Café Campesino, in your cakes and jams, your morning porridge…and then your evening cocktail! It all goes better with Pura Panela.

We are a small business based in the heart of tropical Sheffield. No really it is…haven’t you been? It’s just like Colombia… Anyway, over the past year we have been selling our lovely, tasty sweet stuff in local shops and food festivals. We are currently working on a range of healthy panela-based products. You’re going to love them! But we can’t tell you about them just yet…

Integral Engineering (RAMS) Ltd is an engineering venture aimed at clients ready to take their RAMS performance to the next level. Integra, founded by former Bombardier Engineer Joanne Lewis, is about providing clients with the ability to improve their system performance through smart and efficient RAMS methods and practises. With the ability to problem solve and develop bespoke solutions, Joanne supports her clients to make the changes necessary to grow system performance and meet their business requirements and demands. Built on a foundation of core values including integrity, respect, teamwork, growth and improvement, Integra’s focus is on commitment to providing every client with the ability to achieve the best possible solution.

Services include but are not limited to: RAMS strategy development, RAMS management, FRACAS, FME(C)A, HAZOP/HAZID, hazard log development and management, safety case preparation, accident/incident investigation, safety risk assessment, analysis of system health and improvement, RAMS process improvement, data analysis.

BearHugs offers a range of gift boxes designed to deliver all the warmth and comfort of a hug when you can’t be there personally.

BearHugs gift hampers, filled with treats, are packaged with care and reveal outstretched paws and a ‘Consider this a BearHug’ message on opening.

Every BearHugs gift box can be perfectly tailored to the preferences of your loved one and sent directly to their doorstep with a personalised photo notecard.

The items in BearHugs boxes are lovingly made by talented British independent makers.


For every 50 gift boxes sold, one is sent to a seriously ill child or their sibling through the charity Post Pals.
BearHugs also offers flexible working opportunities to people living with fluctuating chronic health conditions.

At Research Retold we have a passion and reputation for effectively communicating research. We summarise the key findings of your report and visually represent them in a way that resonates with audiences beyond the academic community. We are a team of creative and talented individuals who are keen to make your research stand out so that you have the best chance of making an impact.


Research Retold was born out of the idea that the key to unlocking the knowledge contained in academic papers is by:
– removing technical language in order to enable understanding from non-academic audiences
– visually representing knowledge in a way that grabs attention, sparks curiosity and helps deliver a clear message.

On demand crowdsourcing as efficient and ethical as it gets. Find the right respondents fast via Prolific.

Want a faster iteration between developing theory and executing studies? With Prolific Academic you post your online studies easily, and collect responses from around the world.

Running low on cash? Participate in scientific research to earn cash rewards. With Prolific Academic you take part in online studies, choose your own work hours & work place, and get rewarded for good work.

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