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We build top-quality Web and iOS applications for awesome clients. We believe in working closely with our clients, establishing trusting, creative partnerships.

When coding, we’re big fans of agile, test-driven development and continuous integration. That means reliable software, delivered on time.

The founder of Terracoding, Dominic Wroblewski, is a proud University of Sheffield Alumnus who graduated in 2013.

IN-PART brings together universities and their latest technologies and new research projects with innovative companies to do collaborative research. By taking a structured approach to catalysing company involvements with university research IN-PART is able to wire up relevant connections via its online platform to enable more research to have a greater impact.
The founders of  IN-PART received start-up funding, business advice and referrals to specialists from USE.

Homecare in the UK can be expensive and unreliable. We have changed that. Here at Elder, we match you with an experienced & trusted local carer for only £13 per hour, available within 24 hours. We use technology to lower the costs of care to you and ensure that your carer is paid at a good rate for the fantastic work they do.

Elder was founded in 2015 by Pete Dowds and Tom Brooks. Prior to founding Elder, Pete & Tom founded in 2012 to transform the UK home services industry with over 6,000 professional Mopp handymen and cleaners having provided a trusted service in the homes of over 150,000 Londoners since 2013.

Elder is backed by one of the leading Venture Capital funds in Europe who share Pete & Tom’s vision in providing high quality in-home care across the UK.


The Tutors’ Association is an industry-led initiative which seeks to achieve professional recognition for private tutors and to promote best practice in tutoring. The Association aims to support tutors in their work, by investing in continuing professional development and accreditation, and by informing the public of what should be expected of a professional tutor.

The founder of The Tutor’s Association, Steven Beeley, is a proud University of Sheffield Alumnus and graduated from the Management School in 2002.

The Level Collective clothing range is a product of various creative inputs and contributories that share the same distinct and original style. The designs for our T-shirts are created by some of the very finest emerging illustrators and graphic designers. Our Beanie Hats are extra-chunky weave, oversize fit with a massive bobble thrown on here and there for good measure. Though our products and designs come from across the world, we are based in Sheffield, UK and we also wanted to have a local input into our clothing: so all of our T-shirts are hand-screen printed in England to the highest possible quality and both our T-shirts and Beanies have been hand-finished in Sheffield.

The founder, Mark Musgrave, received start-up funding from the University of Sheffield Enterprise.

OverHear allows you to find gigs from artists you love. Plan the future. Live in the present. Remember the past.

Overhear was the official app for the Tramlines festival and included a full schedule showing when and where all the events are happening. A host of other features include a personalised timeline that fully integrates with Facebook, allowing you to look back over all the gigs and events you have attended, relive memories though the community photo archive and reconnect with all the new friends you made. A handy clashfinder function alerts you to any potential clashes between events and gigs, helping you to make those difficult decisions early.

Overhear is a dynamic real-time event search app that allows you to discover all the events in your city that are happening now and in the future. So not only will you never miss your favourite artists play, you will also discover the best events your city has to offer, every day, opening a world of new music to you.

Welcome to Knowledge Seekers. We specialise in providing bespoke private tuition for children from reception class to A-level, throughout London.

We believe that one to one and small group tuition delivered by passionate, inspiring and creative professionals is the most effective way of building a child’s self-confidence, passion for learning, and independence of thinking and we pride ourselves on our warm, personal approach to education.

Our dedicated team of experienced, professional tutors have been hand-selected through our thorough screening, interview and teaching observation process, and are then trained in our unique, holistic approach, which is designed to allow your child to reconnect with their innate curiosity and natural love of learning.

The Energy Community provides personalised energy saving advice to households. We are creating an online one-stop-shop where you can compare your energy use and access trustworthy, honest advice and tips from people who share your motivations, lifestyle and living situation. Over half of the bill payers in the UK struggle to pay them. We’re going to help you save money, save energy, together.

Truly Bespoke garden products are at the heart of Robinson Garden’s heritage and future vision. In our workshop, the in-house carpenter represents the best of the carpentry profession, translating it into a personal service for our clients. A Bespoke item is built through a deep collaboration between client and master carpenter, resulting in a unique final product created for that individual. Every detail and decision is made to ensure a product of unparalleled quality.
Our story began in 2012 when we visited our local garden centre in search for an elegant Dovecote for our garden. To our disappointment we were unable to find a bespoke handmade and painted Dovecote with elaborate added touches. It was from there that Dominic and Nigel decided to handcraft one themselves.
Once completed it stood proudly in the front garden gathering a lot of interest within the neighbourhood. Since then we recognised a gap in the garden furniture market and the early stages of Robinson Garden were formed. Since then we have continued with our proud and strong family business values which is demonstrated throughout the full process of our unique handcrafted garden products.

Business Tours UK helps businesses showcase and promote their physical location online, through interactive 360 degree photography, mapping services and web design. Business Tours UK specialize in creating beautiful deep-zoom or panoramas. Our gigapixel images can be branded within minutes and are fully compatible with mobile and tablet devices.

Business Tours UK can help you get your venue seen. Partnering with Google Business Photos, Business Tours UK could help showcase your space in Google Street View to attract new customers.

Business Tours UK boasts a long list of blue chip clients including Vogue, ESPN, Press Association and Royal Ascot.

Edward Miller, the Founder of Business Tours UK, received from the USE First Steps Funding and mentorship which paved the way for winning the 2012 University of Sheffield Business Planning competition.

EcoProof are manufacturers of high performance seamless waterproofing systems. Our extensive testing and research allows us to stay at the cutting edge of the global waterproofing market with distribution in over 28 countries. We continually strive towards delivering these solutions in a sustainable way with continual research, testing and development.

I help small to medium businesses reach their customers better, engage properly with their audience, and make more sales. I specialise in offering solutions and training in;

  • Online Social Media Management
  • Online Marketing Strategy, Implementation
  • SEO Analysis and Reporting
  • Google Analytics Tracking and Analysis

For more information, please check out my blog:

Sound has the power to ingnite the imagination, capture the unique atmosphere of a place and bring memories back to life.

Foundbite are building a global community who are sharing and discovering the world through sound. Foundbite users have captured moments from the 4 corners of the world, from the cheer of the crowd at a football game in Philladelphia to the hustle and bustle of an Italian fish market.

Co-Axe is progressing to become a user-friendly and easily accessible website promising fair savings by providing a stage for consumers in order to enable them to place their demands for a product or service within a flexible time frame. Co-Axe will link, organise and unite these individuals, matching their identical or similar demands to create an effective bargaining power to negotiate the best deals from suppliers and manufacturers.

We are the first private practice in Sheffield (South Yorkshire) to offer Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation treatment (TMS) for Dementia and Major Depressive Disorder (MDD). TMS is a completely non-invasive therapy that uses magnetic coils to stimulate areas of the brain that are key to depression or dementia symptoms.

TMS therapy has become an effective treatment for clinical depression, especially when other therapies have failed. TMS therapy has ‘FDA’ and ‘NICE’ approvals for the general treatment of clinical depression. TMS therapy has shown a significant response rate of 60 – 70% for the treatment of clinical depression.

We are dedicated towards providing an therapy that reduces the use of pharmaceuticals; our ultimate reward as a practitioner is to help patients leave with a smile on their face.
YaaD practices for you.

Look-in-the-Bag is a company that aspires to create fashion accessories that are stylish, witty, functional and fun. Look-in-the-Bag sells gift packs of fashion accessories. Each gift pack is designed around a theme that we refer to as a ‘Look’. Each one comprises a scarf and matching piece of jewellery sold in a bag designed to complement the ‘Look’. Not only is the bag another stylish accessory, it also acts as packaging.

The Co-founder of Look-in-the-Bag, Andrew Madden, received office space, start-up funding worth £250 and advice on marketing and websites from USE.

Affordable Community Massage is a socially minded enterprise using ‘pop up’ clinics at venues in the community and at home to provide easy access to affordable deeper tissue massage treatments. Profits then go toward providing clinics for vulnerable community groups who wouldn’t usually be able to access treatment. For more information or to book your appointment, contact us on

I’m a social media consultant helping businesses to take their first step on the path to social media success. I consult on best practices and also manage accounts on behalf of companies who don’t have the time or knowledge to do it themselves.

Here’s what I can do for you:

  • Assess your current social media profiles and give feedback on how you can improve.
  • Coach you to use social media in the most effective way possible.
  • Create the perfect social media schedule for you, by analysing your audience and choosing the best times to post.
  • Manage your social media accounts for you, saving you time and freeing you up to work on your business.
  • Show you how to grow your following, increase your engagement, and get people talking about your brand.
  • Teach you the secrets behind social media success so you can do it yourself.

Claire Kemp Cake Studio specialises in the design and creation of contemporary cakes for weddings, celebrations and events. Influenced by art, architecture, fashion and graphics, Claire’s cakes offer a fresh interpretation of cake design.

All cakes are handmade to order by Claire in her Sheffield studio using high quality ingredients. Cakes can be delivered throughout Yorkshire, Derbyshire, and beyond.

The founder of Claire Kemp Studios, Claire Kemp, received from the USE business advice and a start-up grant which funded the first photo-shoots and designs.

Concert A Music Publishing is an ethical, innovative, no-boundaries publishing house with good rapport between both the composers and the public. Concert A’s enthusiasm and passion for new music is the basis for our venture and ever-continuous improvement. Concert A (formerly named CBWSM Publishing – Contemporary British Woodwind Sheet Music) aims to help drive forward innovation and progress in music through printing new works. It also aims to provide a way forward for upcoming talented composers for publication. Concert A also strives to keep the composers’ wishes and intentions close to heart and to be our inspiration in making new music. Concert A is owned and run by Tierney Kirby who is a composer, classical saxophonist and entrepreneur. She graduated from the University of Sheffield in 2013 with a BMus degree in Music and is currently continuing at the University with a part time MMus postgraduate research degree in ensemble composition and classical saxophone performance. She is committed to writing her own and uncovering other talented composers, making their work available to the wider musical community. The University of Sheffield Enterprise gave me a £250 start up fund which I used to buy essential equipment for my business to begin to function.

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