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I do website & print design, branding and make good stuff happen.
When I’m not doing that, I enjoy road biking in the Peak District, and playing guitar, surfing & snowboarding (not in the Peak District). 
Founder of The Level Collective and Printed By us.
berMuzik is literally translated to as “musicking“, which stands for making, listening, and interacting with oneself and others via music. The term musicking was popularised by the late ethnomusicologist, Christopher Small, as a way to understand the nature of the music act and its function in human life (Small, 1999).

At berMuzik, we believe that music connects with people through many ways. That is why we come out with ways to make your music making experiences a special one. Our unique approaches are based on current research findings linked to psychology, music, and education. Be it an event to improve team cohesion or a new journey to the world of music, berMuzik will make it a positive and unforgettable one.

Let’s make music together, let’s berMuzik!

I believe that success with any student is not just a case of how well you know your subject, but also how well you can engage with that student. Tuition should be stress-free and as relaxed as possible to promote a positive learning experience. As such, my approach to tutoring is designed to be calming and engaging, as well as knowledgeable. With an extensive background of teaching anxious and unconfident students on a one-to-one basis, I seek to establish an immediate rapport through welcoming discussion, positivity and reassurance.

My services include GCSE/A-Level English and History tuition, as well as general computing, Microsoft Office and ECDL (European Computer Driving Licence).

I take a welcoming and friendly approach to sessions where I value my student’s input for session goals. My tuition covers a wide range including general teaching, revision techniques, essay writing and understanding specifications. My teaching involves a mixture of discussion, demonstration and instruction to suit each student’s preference. For English, I also specialise in presentation planning and delivery for Speaking and Listening modules. Through a combination of calm discussion and practice, it is my aspiration to build my students’ skills by building a passion for the subject based on their own interests and goals. This approach has proved highly effective with my students and I have a strong satisfaction and success rate within my work history.

I’m a social media consultant helping businesses to take their first step on the path to social media success. I consult on best practices and also manage accounts on behalf of companies who don’t have the time or knowledge to do it themselves.

Here’s what I can do for you:

  • Assess your current social media profiles and give feedback on how you can improve.
  • Coach you to use social media in the most effective way possible.
  • Create the perfect social media schedule for you, by analysing your audience and choosing the best times to post.
  • Manage your social media accounts for you, saving you time and freeing you up to work on your business.
  • Show you how to grow your following, increase your engagement, and get people talking about your brand.
  • Teach you the secrets behind social media success so you can do it yourself.

We are the first private practice in Sheffield (South Yorkshire) to offer Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation treatment (TMS) for Dementia and Major Depressive Disorder (MDD). TMS is a completely non-invasive therapy that uses magnetic coils to stimulate areas of the brain that are key to depression or dementia symptoms.

TMS therapy has become an effective treatment for clinical depression, especially when other therapies have failed. TMS therapy has ‘FDA’ and ‘NICE’ approvals for the general treatment of clinical depression. TMS therapy has shown a significant response rate of 60 – 70% for the treatment of clinical depression.

We are dedicated towards providing an therapy that reduces the use of pharmaceuticals; our ultimate reward as a practitioner is to help patients leave with a smile on their face.
YaaD practices for you.

I help small to medium businesses reach their customers better, engage properly with their audience, and make more sales. I specialise in offering solutions and training in;

  • Online Social Media Management
  • Online Marketing Strategy, Implementation
  • SEO Analysis and Reporting
  • Google Analytics Tracking and Analysis

For more information, please check out my blog:

Truly Bespoke garden products are at the heart of Robinson Garden’s heritage and future vision. In our workshop, the in-house carpenter represents the best of the carpentry profession, translating it into a personal service for our clients. A Bespoke item is built through a deep collaboration between client and master carpenter, resulting in a unique final product created for that individual. Every detail and decision is made to ensure a product of unparalleled quality.
Our story began in 2012 when we visited our local garden centre in search for an elegant Dovecote for our garden. To our disappointment we were unable to find a bespoke handmade and painted Dovecote with elaborate added touches. It was from there that Dominic and Nigel decided to handcraft one themselves.
Once completed it stood proudly in the front garden gathering a lot of interest within the neighbourhood. Since then we recognised a gap in the garden furniture market and the early stages of Robinson Garden were formed. Since then we have continued with our proud and strong family business values which is demonstrated throughout the full process of our unique handcrafted garden products.

OverHear allows you to find gigs from artists you love. Plan the future. Live in the present. Remember the past.

Overhear was the official app for the Tramlines festival and included a full schedule showing when and where all the events are happening. A host of other features include a personalised timeline that fully integrates with Facebook, allowing you to look back over all the gigs and events you have attended, relive memories though the community photo archive and reconnect with all the new friends you made. A handy clashfinder function alerts you to any potential clashes between events and gigs, helping you to make those difficult decisions early.

Overhear is a dynamic real-time event search app that allows you to discover all the events in your city that are happening now and in the future. So not only will you never miss your favourite artists play, you will also discover the best events your city has to offer, every day, opening a world of new music to you.

Homecare in the UK can be expensive and unreliable. We have changed that. Here at Elder, we match you with an experienced & trusted local carer for only £13 per hour, available within 24 hours. We use technology to lower the costs of care to you and ensure that your carer is paid at a good rate for the fantastic work they do.

Elder was founded in 2015 by Pete Dowds and Tom Brooks. Prior to founding Elder, Pete & Tom founded in 2012 to transform the UK home services industry with over 6,000 professional Mopp handymen and cleaners having provided a trusted service in the homes of over 150,000 Londoners since 2013.

Elder is backed by one of the leading Venture Capital funds in Europe who share Pete & Tom’s vision in providing high quality in-home care across the UK.


A company that coffee lovers, drinkers and growers can unite around.

At Twin Café we want to do coffee differently. We set up direct trade links between twinned cities. We pay our farmers a fair price and then use our profits to fund amazing projects in our twinned cities.

We want Twin Café to become a company that coffee lovers, drinkers and growers can unite around. By investing in the cities where our coffee is grown and sold we believe that our coffee can become a medium for developing both our communities and our taste buds! Each cup of Twin Café coffee is helping to strengthen a twinning relationship between two parts of the world; encouraging cooperation and exchange between two communities. We believe that trade can be, not only fair, but a real force for good. Twin Café allows customers to invest in their own community every time they buy a cup of coffee.

Our high quality Coffee has been grown by farmers with a passion for what they do and roasted by experts. Whether you drink your coffee in a cafetiere or from an espresso machine we can make the perfect roast for you.


TechnoRumors is site created for tech enthusiasts by tech enthusiasts from all around the world. We are your number 1 stop for everything from the latest tech news and rumors to reviews for all the latest must haves! See what we have to say about the industry’s latest products and keep up to date with what is happening in the world of Technology! We are fully interactive and love to hear what you say, so let us know!

CrazyWolf Productions is a video production, animation and web design company based in Rotherham, South Yorkshire. Whether you are a small business looking for a short promotional video, a large business looking for a series of videos or an individual looking to capture a special day, then we can work with you to create the video you want. Although most our videos we create from scratch we can also offer an editing-only service- if you have the footage then we can put this together for you. We also offer fully responsive websites to help you get the online image that you need to reach your audience.

We pride ourselves on helping our clients to reach wider markets and have recently been shortlisted for the Rockstar Customer Service Award in the BiY Inspired Awards. If you have any new projects that you want to discuss  or just want to learn more about how using video can help your business then please get in touch, we would love to hear from you!


Hello, we are Rum & Raisin, a Sheffield web design and creative agency offering promotional and marketing resources for startups and local businesses. We make amazing websites, print cool business cards and take awesome photos.

We believe that by delivering an exceptionally high standard of product within an affordable budget will help build the right brand and pitch perfect for targeting your market and ultimately increasing leads and in turn sales.

Rum & Raisin specialises in the core elements needed by start-up and local businesses as they get the idea off the ground. This includes logo design, web design, website development, branding, printing, product photography and promotional video creation. Each service will be available individually or as part of the “start-up” packages. Check out our website to see our services.

Our Motivation
We aim to help people with disabilities express themselves through user-centered design. We believe that if somebody relies upon a product for their everyday life, it should be a joy to use.

Our Name
exyo, is short for express yourself, because our designs aim to empower the user, with the freedom to be themselves, when using the device they rely upon.

Our Story
We are 3 mechanical engineering graduates from The University of Sheffield who want to invest our skills in helping people.

We started out by helping 2 individuals called Louis and Callum, whom we had the opportunity to design medical devices for, during our time at university. This inspired us to set about addressing problems faced by people with disabilities around the world.

exyo is the birth of an opportunity: To have a real impact on the lives of others; by reaching out to improve physical circumstance and alleviate the stresses and stigmatization that arise through having to deal with cumbersome devices.

Super Stars Tutors offers a bespoke tutoring service for children aged 5-11. Every Learning Journey is created individually to allow each child to reach for the stars! Based in Chelmsford Essex, the tutor is a qualified and passionate teacher who strongly believes that children should enjoy learning. A 1-1 approach allows children to succeed without distraction, and also encourages curiosity as the children can freely explore their learning without restriction. The sessions focus on each child’s dreams, inspirations and needs whilst encouraging independence in their learning and increasing their confidence.

Through a unique, tailored approach children are inspired to reach their potential!

We are a online greetings card company that ensures you never forget to send a card again. USE have helped me to set up the business and have offered continued support including help with marketing and finance.

Cadega is a technology start up focusing on the development of services and tools for students at the University of Sheffield. Owned and run by 2 final year students at the university, the Enterprise zone has helped us learn more about running a business through training sessions, the ‘Making Ideas Happen’ module, first-steps funding and by proving a home to our business at the enterprise zone itself. To learn more about Cadega please visit our website or email us today at

We believe that every woman should have access to stunning jewellery but at affordable prices. That is the vision of our business – to offer breath-taking jewellery that will not break the bank. Our jewellery is inspired by stunning fine jewellery, especially diamonds – different types and colours of diamonds. So our product range features Russian man-made diamonds aka cubic zirconia and other high-grade crystals in a variety of different colours.  The products are plated either Rhodium, Gold or Rose-gold for a beautiful and anti-tarnish finish.

The University provided the funding to design our website and advertisement through social media.

Concert A Music Publishing is an ethical, innovative, no-boundaries publishing house with good rapport between both the composers and the public. Concert A’s enthusiasm and passion for new music is the basis for our venture and ever-continuous improvement. Concert A (formerly named CBWSM Publishing – Contemporary British Woodwind Sheet Music) aims to help drive forward innovation and progress in music through printing new works. It also aims to provide a way forward for upcoming talented composers for publication. Concert A also strives to keep the composers’ wishes and intentions close to heart and to be our inspiration in making new music. Concert A is owned and run by Tierney Kirby who is a composer, classical saxophonist and entrepreneur. She graduated from the University of Sheffield in 2013 with a BMus degree in Music and is currently continuing at the University with a part time MMus postgraduate research degree in ensemble composition and classical saxophone performance. She is committed to writing her own and uncovering other talented composers, making their work available to the wider musical community. The University of Sheffield Enterprise gave me a £250 start up fund which I used to buy essential equipment for my business to begin to function.

Affordable Community Massage is a socially minded enterprise using ‘pop up’ clinics at venues in the community and at home to provide easy access to affordable deeper tissue massage treatments. Profits then go toward providing clinics for vulnerable community groups who wouldn’t usually be able to access treatment. For more information or to book your appointment, contact us on

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