Get SET 2017-18

Get SET is a series of six workshops specifically designed for SALTs, 301 and USE Interns to help you to develop your skills in order to support you in your role. We have specifically picked the skills that not only will help you with your projects but also will be valuable for future employment. All sessions will be between 2pm- 4pm

The sessions are as follows:-

26/10/17 Project Management (Pam Liversidge D06)

So you have got to work on a project but not sure where to start? This session will introduce you to the Project Canvas, a project management tool which will allow you to not only plan a project but also work out who you need to talk to, what resources you need and help you develop timescales.

Hosted by USE (University of Sheffield Enterprise)


09/11/17 Team Working (Pam Liversidge D06)

Sometimes, it is impossible to do everything yourself in a project. This session will help you understand what your own strengths and weaknesses are and how having the right team can turn a project from a flop into a success.

Hosted by 301 Student Skills and Development Centre


23/11/17 Time Management (Diamond Workroom 3)

In many cases, we have faced difficulties in how to manage our time either in university life or professional life. This workshop will help the individuals on matters such as how to manage their time, allocate projects and work that need to be done according to the time that they have and how effective is the result in the end.

Hosted by 301 Student Skills and Development Centre


13/2/18 Problem Solving (Diamond Workroom 2)

In many cases, we have faced difficulties in how to solve a real life problem and how the individual can think effectively. This workshop will trigger the way of thinking and enhance the alternative way of thinking, meaning that, the alternative solutions that the individual can offer in order to achieve the personal goal that was achieved at the beginning of the task.

Hosted by USE (University of Sheffield Enterprise)


27/2/18 Presentation Skills (Diamond Workroom 2)

It’s important to know how to communicate when you are referring to a crowd. The aim of this workshop is to develop and improve skills that are essential to the individuals’ future role in matters of presenting their work and themselves and to provide knowledge regarding the improvement and the effectiveness of their presentations either self-representation or work presentations

Hosted by 301 Student Skills and Development Centre


13/3/18 Skills Articulation (Diamond Workroom 2)

Employers want you to be able to tell them why you are right for the job. Articulating skills and motivations is something many students struggle with. This session will give you the confidence to evidence your employability skills effectively for a specific role and help you secure that much coveted graduate job.

Hosted by The Careers Service


Get SET is recognised for the Higher Achievement Education Report (HEAR). In order to get recognition for Get SET:

  1. Attend a minimum of four workshops
  2. Complete the Get SET assignment (This will be completed in your own time)

For more information, please look Get Set Google Toolbox or email


26 October 2017 2:00 pm
13 March 2018 4:00 pm


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University of Sheffield Enterprise
0114 222 4044