Take the next step on the road to success with our amazing incubation package available to students, recent graduates and early years researchers who are developing their trading business.

The best part? It's absolutely free.

If you’ve already taken that leap into setting up your own business, you’re probably a little bit sick of running it out of your bedroom. By securing yourself a space in our incubator, you’re giving yourself an improved working environment, a whole range of free facilities, and a professional location (for all those clients!). But not only that – by hotdesking with other entrepreneurs, you’ll also find yourself exchanging knowledge and contacts, becoming more motivated to spend a day at the office, and shaking off the feeling of isolation that can sometimes come from working at home alone.

Who can we offer space to?

Registered businesses run by current University of Sheffield students and graduates who are being/have been supported on the Evolve programme.

How do you secure your space in USE@TheBio?

If you are interested in applying for incubation space, your first step is to arrange an appointment with your current USE mentor. After an informal interview, and if you’re eligible, you get to move in. Simple as that!

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