Love a high pressure challenge? Love tech? Love meeting and working with new people? Love... pizza?

Work with coders, designers and startup enthusiasts, taking an idea from concept to minimum viable product in just 54 jam-packed hours.

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Startup Weekend is an awesome experiential learning opportunity that brings together designers, coders, and startup enthusiasts to take ideas from concept to minimum viable product in just 54 hours.

Through customer validation and business model generation, Startup Weekend allows you to test your idea with the market and develop your product in a lean and agile way, ensuring you fail fast and minimise waste.

Startup Weekend is for everyone – all ages, all backgrounds and all levels of education. You do NOT have to be a student to attend Startup Weekend and, in fact, most attendees aren’t.

You’ll have access to expert, awesome coaches and mentors throughout the weekend, as well as great workshops, a spotify playlist to die for and a whole load of pizza to keep you fuelled.

As well as all that, you will also have the opportunity to pitch and demo your product to a panel of judges on the Sunday for prizes, exposure and even investment. But no pressure – Startup Weekend aims to create teams, not startups.

Come find your co-founder, create something beautiful, build something amazing.

  • News, updates and access to VIP ticket prices

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