Enactus (formerly SIFE) is an international social enterprise society, using enterprising projects to benefit communities both locally and globally.

If you're passionate about social change and keen to make a difference, these are the people for you.

Enactus Sheffield is a branch of Enactus UK based in The University of Sheffield, and is run entirely by University of Sheffield students.

Enactus Sheffield team Photo

ACTion for others creates a better world for
US all

“What would the world look like if we viewed the success of others as our own?”

Enactus Sheffield are a non-profit organisation dedicated to improve the world through entrepreneurial  action. They develop sustainable social enterprises to help solve some of society’s biggest challenges.  Enactus Sheffield has a membership of over 50 Sheffield students who work to provide relief to local and international social issues through developing new businesses.

Enactus Sheffield are currently working on a number of social and commercial businesses. These social enterprises give students from the University of Sheffield the chance to gain real life experience working as a part of a business. Students get the opportunity to develop both their professional and personal skills, whilst putting their time towards driving real local and international change.

Each year, in April, all 56 teams from around the UK present the impact that their social enterprises have had over the year. The team with the most impact gets the opportunity to present against teams from around the globe.

For 2017 Enactus Sheffield placed third out of the 56 teams in the country!  In 2013 Enactus Sheffield were ranked the top team in the UK and had the honour of representing Enactus UK at the World Cup in Beijing.  2018? Watch this space…

The members of Enactus Sheffield are regulars in the Enterprise Zone. On an average day you’re pretty sure to find at least one or two of them knocking around, whether they’re frenziedly preparing for Nationals, meeting clients and interested students, or generally working on what they do best  – changing the world through enterprise.



  • Enactus Exec 2017-18

    Sam Tyrell
    Managing Director
    Final year, Biomedical Sciences

    James Haworth Wheatman
    Technical Director and VP
    Final year, Physics

    Ella Ball
    International Director and VP
    Final year, Bioengineering

    Ayrton Bourn
    Financial Director
    Final year, Chemical Engineering

    Emily Banks
    Project Director, Hope Cosmetics
    Final year, International Relations & Politics


  • University Advisory Board

    Dr Jon Burchell
    Lecturer, Management School

    Liz Taylor
    Enterprise Officer, University of Sheffield Enterprise

    Sara Pates
    Businesss Manager, University of Sheffield Enterprise

    Professor Pete Marsh
    Professor Emeritus, Sociological Studies