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10 July 2015 - 2:46 pm The ultimate secrets of getting an internship leaked…

Hello all! Yeah, I know, long time no see… But this time, I have some useful stuff to offer you: tips to get a placement, yey!

The placements market is still offering a couple of last chances to get a job for the summer or a year, so please jump onto this last train, get a great experience and boost your employability by doing one! Either way, no worries, even if it’s already too late, you can start thinking about next year, because the vacancies mainly begin to open in September. It’s almost time!

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5 April 2014 - 10:09 am Being an Intern at USE

With me graduating in summer, this is my final year of working as an Intern at USE and it’s time to move on after three years of great fun and learning experiences here. Applications are now open for a new intake of Interns for the next academic year with the deadline for applications being 15th April. This blog aims to give applicants an honest opinion of what to expect next year if you’re offered the job as an intern. Continue reading “Being an Intern at USE” »