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10 February 2017 - 2:27 pm T.A.S.K and Infinity School get Evolve Grant Funding

Our February Pitch Den saw USE-supported startups The Ultimate Shortcut Keypad (TUSK) and Infinity School receive grant funding of £1100 and £600 respectively.  Continue reading “T.A.S.K and Infinity School get Evolve Grant Funding” »


26 February 2016 - 1:04 pm Looking to get some funding for your startup? You MUST read this!

As you might have noticed, we’ve made a few changes to our website and the process of offering entrepreneurship support. If you are looking for a clear outline of how the Evolve Programme works and how we can support you, then you are in the right place.

Continue reading “Looking to get some funding for your startup? You MUST read this!” »

16 July 2014 - 10:54 am Money, money, money

Like most of us, start-ups always need more money. Whether that’s to invest back into the business to build its internal structures or to create brand awareness through advertising and marketing, start-ups tend to have a tough time making enough money to finance these ventures. So what’s out there for new companies? I went to two interesting workshops hosted by USE last week to find out a bit more of what was on offer to the fledgling start-ups of this world. Continue reading “Money, money, money” »

2 July 2014 - 1:54 pm Raising Capital and Going Global: Live Blog

Hey people! We have a great event planned for tonight. Still a few tickets left, but if you’re not in Sheffield and want to keep up with the action, then bookmark this page! We’ll be updating it during the event with goings on and key quotes from the speakers. Be back for 5pm. Continue reading “Raising Capital and Going Global: Live Blog” »

27 June 2014 - 10:58 am “I have an idea for a business… can you help?”

One of the wonderful things about working at USE is the amazing students and graduates who come into the zone with their idea and a determination to make it happen. The fact that we get to play a small part in supporting the flourishing of businesses, societies and projects makes coming to work the good deed of the day for all the staff here at the zone. But what actually happens after you take that first step through the sliding doors? Who will be the first person you speak to? What will happen to your idea after you’ve said it out loud and what will happen next?

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