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5 December 2014 - 12:26 pm One option all PhD students should know about

I have very few regrets about having made the (crazy) decision, quite a few years back, to do a PhD. But one of the regrets I do have is that I didn’t think very hard about my career post-PhD. You see, I started my PhD just before the recession, when academic jobs in my field were much more plentiful, and I just assumed that was where I was heading. By the time the recession hit, I was deep into my research and had got quite good at ignoring the rest of the world; my head was firmly buried in the sand about career options. Lucky for me really, I’d kept on a part time job which led to me landing in USE – a real stroke of luck in many ways considering my lack of planning! It just so happens that this career direction turned out to suit me down to the ground, but it might have been very different.

I wish, wish, WISH, that I had explored other options!

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